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Content Development

Wellversed Media offerings

  • Corporate Presentations
  • Conference Solutions
  • Knowledge Round Tables
  • White Papers
  • Technical Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • Commissioned Articles
  • Social Campaigns

Wellversed Media is well-equipped to help our clients with publishing of product content in multiple channels; researching and securing product information necessary for publishing initiatives; distilling complex product information for customer consumption.

Corporate Presentations

There are always three presentations for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.

--Dale Carnegie

Are you looking for great presentations, at low cost and timely delivery? Do you wish for innovative minds to work for you? Our content team will assist you in building effective corporate presentations at a reasonable cost to suit your particular requirement, which may be to:

  • Launch a new product/service
  • Increase the sales volume
  • Persuade the audience
  • Express one's views on a particular issue
  • Win over best talent in a recruiting exercise

The presentations may be made via:

  • Microsoft Power Point Presentation
  • CD- ROM Presentation
  • Macromedia Flash Presentation
  • Project/Product Oriented Website

Conference Solutions

Our content team provides comprehensive content support to key organisations for major conferences and seminars. We assist the client teams in the preparation of concept notes, background papers and session blurbs.

We also capture the proceedings at the conferences and prepare reports that reflect the key discussion points. This is managed by a team of content writers who have sufficient knowledge of business, finance, politics, and social issues.

We could also deploy specialists to moderate seminars and roundtables.

White Papers

We write white papers for our clients to meet their specific requirements for a product or services. A white paper argues a specific position or solution to a business problem. It acts as a powerful marketing tool used to help key decision-makers and influencers to justify implementing solutions. They also serve as a tool to introduce technology innovations and products.

Technical Writing

We are actively involved in technical writing. Before writing a document, we try to understand the type of technical report, its specific aim. A good layout with attention to key information is framed. Our writing is supported by examples, diagrams, flowcharts, illustrations and graphs.

We prepare product manuals as per the specific requirements of our clients. The manual will be user-friendly and informative, written in simple and easily understandable language. The format will be supported by pictures, graphs, illustrations and instructions related to the product.

Proposal Writing

Our proposal writing involves extensive brainstorming, reading, networking and research work. We make sure that the proposal is well defined; the proposal guidelines are well understood.

Scientific and technical merit, credibility, well documentation, creativity and comprehensiveness are the features of our proposals.

Proposal writing is reviewed on a regular basis, to keep a check on the quality and meet the deadline.

Commissioned Articles

Wellversed Media is involved in writing commissioned articles and books for Indian and foreign publishing houses. The service field includes infotech, business and social issues.

Business articles and books:
Wellversed Media has a workforce comprising people from diverse fields and the company unleashes their potential to the maximum. We have come up with a number of articles related to different fields like real estate, pharmaceuticals, health and insurance and many more.

Social services:
Wellversed Media realises its social responsibilities and has also been actively involved in issues of social concern. We are involved with many NGOs and are a vehement supporter of social welfare.